Thursday, September 13, 2007

Purpose of self-improvement

There are many purposes in self-improvement and it can be done in many ways also. Self-improvement requires self-discipline and stamina as well as focus. It also involves attitude towards the goals set. Time maangement is important as it affects work and family schedule. Self-improvement can be done as a course within a time frame or it can be continuous without end. Both aid each other to achieve better rate of improvement.

Self-improvement can be grouped into various categories, namely:
1) Academic
2) Health
3) Spiritual

One can focus at any one of the above or as a cluster. The benefits of continual self-improvement cannot be over-stated and it can spreads to everyone around him or her. Many ways can be found to achieve the goal set if the person has the correct attitude regardless of race and age.

For academic improvement, there are courses, classroom or on-line, to cater to the needs of full-time students or working adults. Academic upgrading does not mean paper chasing. One can opt for short courses to pick up a skill of one's interest.

Health is one area everyone must maintain strong. This area is not limited to the physical being but also includes the mental being. The two actually go hand-in-hand. Exercise and physical activities can be make interesting to encourage one to join and enjoy.

Spiritual improvement can be done by grouping up with like-minded people can talk about their spiritual topics and practice. This also creates rapport and has influence over the Mental alertness part of a human.

In conclusion, do not stop improving oneself ...... Being Happy, Being Updated.

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