Friday, September 21, 2007

Little Known Ways to Be More Creative in Life

Whether you use more of your right or left brain, or you use both, it’s better for you to be more active in using more of your right brain.
Let me tell you how to:
1. Play along with your curiosity. Ask: why and how. Don’t just accept it when someone makes a statement you don’t really understand. Think and think.
2. Use some of your time to dream up. While doing it, make sure not to think about ‘what if’, ‘should have been.’ Instead, imagine that you have done all your task so all you need to do is relax.
3. Play. Use anything you can find around you that you can play with. No, not video game or wthatsoever, but simply your pen, clips, or keys.
4. Read science fictions. Think about the impossible.
5. Take a risk. Let yourself make a mistake. To be more creative you need to learn from your mistakes.
6. Be expressive. Give yourself as much freedom to express yourself without having to feel afraid of being criticized.
7. Enjoy the process. Don’t push yourself to picture the result, but take pleasure in doing the process. No need to burden your mind with such an unnecessary thought about the result.
8. Think positively and believe that all your problems have their own solutions. No matter how big they are. If you somehow have doubts in yourself, it means that you haven’t set yourself free.
9. Write down all your ideas then save it somewhere. If you don’t need them now, you might need them later. So, once you have to come up with new ideas, simply get into your saving.
10. Just do it and do it now. The sooner the better and the more creative you become. Why would you wait for tomorrow if you can do it today? You don’t need a special time to be creative. Just do it now.
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