Saturday, September 29, 2007

Learning through Adversity

Does one learn better given obstacles within? Or is it better when learning is smooth sailing? Both are actually possible. However, it is not wrong to learn when there is problems during along the way. It is a well known and proven method used in school. It is also practiced in the working world where adults or apprentices learn through adversity. A probem encountered means a lesson learned. The process of learning through adversity depends on the person learning style. If one is receptive to this method, he will progress fast.
However, attitude towards learning is the key issue. If one does not want to improve oneself, no matter how, no method can help him. Attitude still matters! Whether is it through adversity or otherwise, attitude plays a part in one's learning.
To learn through adversity, the method throws a person into a stage of survival, whereby he needs to learn the rope in order to survive. He will be pulled out of his comfort zone where he has to learn knowledge through problems encountered. This triggers the brain into learning with thinking and details will go into depth. This helps in retention of newly acquired knowledge better compared to learning with a careless attitude. A careless attitude will not wake up the brain to go into the application level of the learning taxanometry. This level lets the learner keeps the skill or knowledge acquired through their usage (example to solve a real-life problem, which is exactly the adversity part of learning!). Go out of the "comfort zone". Learning takes place when the brain is challenged. People needs to think in order to learn. Learning through smooth sailing is alright but need to be enhanced through application. Learning by adversity jumpstart the learning process. Do not give up for this type of learning as it is a well-known and proven way to improve oneself. The habit formed through this method enable the person to possess a lifetime learning skill that he can depend on forever, and indirectly enables him to be an independent learner.
We live to learn and contribute back to society. This creates meaning for our existence in this world. Keep on learning whether it is through adversity or otherwise. Embraces improvement and learning by adversity.

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