Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Playing with kids

Have you played with kids and see how delighted are they? I can say that this is a form of self-improvement. Why? Because we get to know the kids better as during play, the kids are showing us their nature behaviour. Kids are innocent and happy. Adults can learn many things from them. When we play with them ,regardless of whether indoor or outdoor, we feel energise through their happiness and innocence. We learned to relax as a result by modelling them.

We can think of exciting activities to play with them to keep us healthy physically and mentally. It serves both side good. Reading with play is also an interesting activity. Writing, story-telling and drawing are also good activities. We can learn many things from the kids of latest games they picked up in school or child-care centres also. Nowadays, kids are more exposed to the outside world and being young, they are able to pick up new experience real fast. This new knowledge can be shared with adults and becomes a topic for discussion at times.

Family outing is also another area where atmosphere is created for play and relaxation. It helps to improve the mind and strengthen relationship with kids and family members.

Do not disregard the benefits of play, especially with kids. It could reveal a new kind of experience that money cannot buy and may be gone forever, if one is not aware! Play with kids and enjoy yourself yo !

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