Friday, September 21, 2007

Creativity - From Purpose to Significance

One of my life research (and meditation) tasks has always been to align or find coherence in the variety of expressions of inner and outward creativity. On the one hand there is a creative search for identity and meaning. Most people call this purpose (I know why I do what I do and it reflects who I am). On the other hand is the original and useful creation of ideas, services and products be it in leisure, art, or business.
Creative people tend to live fulfilling lives: they create their own future. However, in the final analysis there seems to be something lacking.
This comes from the myopic or biased definitions of our thinking. Invariably we tend to think of creativity from the individual perspective: one person. However, creativity (as life) does not happen in a vacuum. It happens in a human context. So we perceive creative behavior in relationship with a community or society. When considered in context creativity has group consequences. The main aspect being do we create for our own profit and pleasure, for others, or for both? (for us first or for others first?).
I have come to understand that if you want to live a life full of significance instead of purpose, your creativity must be geared for the benefit of others FIRST. Even though this may sound as "mother Theresa" biased perspective, I can share that I have experienced both. This realization is not mainly conceptual, it is experiential. If you want to experience true creativity, purpose and significance start thinking, talking and doing acts for the benefit of others first. You will see then your creativity truly flourish.
Hector Ramos is a consultant, facilitator and trainer of creative thinking and innovation in South East Asia. His conducts workshops to empower employees to inject innovation in the workplace through experiential and cooperative learning methods using personalized thinking tools and strategies. Companies and participants benefit from innovative team assessment to apply in their leadership and teamwork. His clients include Citibank, Schneider, Marcus Evans, Aljunied Town Council and many others. He can be reached at or
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