Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Understanding Imperfection

Since our school days, we are exposed to the number 100% which represents full mark or perfect score.

It is a wonderful thing to have. Almost everyone wants it.

Looking good is also a nice thing to have.
Barbie dolls are models for young girls to emulate.

We thus grow up in a "nice" world.

What then is imperfection?
Can you accept imperfection?

Demands in work for high standard these days aligns everyone for the perfection.
A slight deviation can be picked up and be the talk of the day.

To err is human.
Does this sound familiar?

Understanding imperfection is a realistic step to understanding people.

Though we do strive for the best, we need to know that we are not perfect.
A certain amount of slack will happen one time or another.

Do you blame yourself for any hiccups?
Try not.

Understand that you are afterall human.
You will feel better having this knowledge.

The key is to try your very best, but do not expect it to be perfect always.

Hope this article can lessen the pressure of daily life, and
to understand the meaning of being perfectly imperfect.


1 comment:

Success said...

I have found this very helpful... I too often find myself blaming myself for all things wrong in my life, even though somethings are entirely external, that only time can heal.