Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Removing Dependancy

When we were young, we looked towards our elders for guidance.
When we were school-going, we looked at our peers and teachers for direction.
When we are working now, who do we look for?

The dependacy mindset is always within us.
We look for support. We fear. We need help.

It becomes a mental block.
Without support, we cannot progress on our own.

We lose confidence.
We cannot do without given direction.

Now the question, "Is it healthy in the long run, habouring this type of mindset"?

Can we be guiding than being guided?
I believe we can.
It all depends on which option we prefer.

Removing dependacy, removes the need to seek direction from others.
We become a thinker, a planner and a leader.

We think out new ideas.
We plan for directions to achieve the ideas (objectives).
We lead towards our ideas.

Along the way, you will discover people following you.
People will look upon you to depend themselves on.
They seek advice from you.
You become their mentor.

Do you see the change with the removal of dependacy?

You grow.
You learn and improve through contemplating.
You self-explore and experiment new initiative never done before.

You will feel a more confident you.
You will be more daring.
You will find the fun of exploration.

You self-improve.

That is life.

Make full use of your life.



Kat Weaver said...

Yes...very true...and very inspiring. Great writing!

amit said...

I was looking for such post.Thanks for sharing with us.I would like to read more about this topic.

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