Friday, April 16, 2010

Dwelling on the Past Instead of Future

It is very often that we look back into the past and wonder why some events happen only to us.

It is even more bitter when the events were not happy ones.

For those happenings, we tend to question the why's.
We cannot accept the fact that we are involved and not others.
We felt let down or demoralised.

But is it necessary to ask why?
Will it helps?

It may be better if we go for the "what" than the "why" for most of these instances.

What I meant is the learning part or the lesson to be picked up for those incidents.

Dwelling on the past and wondering "why" is just simply recalling the sad situation and remaining status quo.
No progress is made with such action.

Rather understand the happenings and seek the "what" to be learned.
This way improvement is made and you will be delighted with yourself for learning and experiencing life.

You will not be dragged down by the past but be boosted with new lesson learned.

Move forward after learning the lesson and strive for self-improvement.

Past is past, we have only the future to look forward to.

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Kat Weaver said...

Good point and I agree. Forgivness is the key. The longer we hold past actions against someone, the longer we are the victims of their actions. To be free...we must forgive...((Hugs))