Friday, April 2, 2010

Is Problems Useful?

Ever heard of Problem-based learning?

It implies some usefulness in having problems.

Everyone dread problems. It irritates.
We are all human, and human tends to aim for comfort.

Problems forces us to re-evaluate our thinking and concept.

Problems disturb the norm and smooth-flowing of process.

So how do you perceive it as useful when it has so many negative impact psychologically?

There is no hard and fast rule of re-looking at problems.
They have to be felt.
They have to be experienced.

One good way is to reflect on the final outcome after encountering problems.
Do they improve your performance?
Do they change your mindset or thinking for the better?
Do they force you to be more hardworking to explore new areas?

Or do they simple demoralise you?

Balance the positive and the negative impacts they do to you.
My bet is that they improve more than wack you down!

Problems are here to stay whether we like it or not.
It will come back and "remind" you of any wrong-doings.

Probems are not brakes in life. Problems are guidelines.

They align your directions when you deviates unknowingly.
They recall you back, in a harsh way.

To reduce your anxiety towards them, see them as aids than foes.
Be aware that they improve situations.

They disturbs because we, as humans, have mental inertia.
Not that they are of no good.

Change your mindset towards problem and you will definitely see a brighter and cheerful you.

Try it, and experience it.
It wil not be immediate.
Give yourself some time over a defined period of time.
Be consistent and alert to its goodness.

Seek for the learning points in problems.
Treat them well
and you will treat yourself well.




Wenny Yap said...

Cool sharing! Problems keep you on your toes. Without them, life would be so boring.

Pab said...

Improving self is the first step in reaching out to attaining your full potential, just as you described it. This could also be the first step in your journey to self-development