Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sincerity Towards Others

We live in a world of ever-changing environment.
We meet different people now and then.

They exist anywhere. Be it the office, the school, the market, or even your neighbour.

Do you treat them like strangers?
Or do you welcome them into your life?

Relations are build not in one day.
To have strong bond and rappor, we need to know each other.

To break the ice, (in a fast way), we need to be sincere.

Sincere in the sense that we do not view each other with suspicious motive.
Treat them as they are, and accept them and align as we go on.

Understand that every people has their own personality, their own character and behaviour.

Being sincere opens up our defence to others.
It is mutual.
It may not be instant, but it will come.

The respect and trust for each other is an important part of human relationship.

Time will always tell if the person is really sincere or plain entertaining.

To treasure a specific relationship, practice sincerity.
It matters.

People are social beings. The sincerity will reciprocate, though maybe in another form.
But it will come. 

Happiness will also follow suit.

Have a happy sincere day ahead!
Cheers  :-D


1 comment:

Kat Weaver said...

Yes...sincerity is everything when meeting someone for the first time. It makes an instant connection between you and that person! Love your writing...keep it up!