Sunday, April 11, 2010

Side Effects Of Positive Thinking

Trying your best in whatever you do is an example of being positive.

Accepting new challenge or task is another example.

To be happy, one way is to help people. This is positive thinking.
But if you are helping too many people, will you still be happy and continuw to stay positive?

Moderation comes in.
Positive thinking is good if you balance your limit to it.

Overdoing and exceeding your buffer may do more harm.

If every single thing has to be accepted in the name of positive thinking, to improve or otherwise, we will go bersek.

It is counter-productive in nature if ignoring "negative" fact is deemed bad.

Information has to be reviewed and time buffer, and capability studied before going with new challenge.

It is against the objective if due to being positive, committment is agreed but cannot be fulfilled.

What then is positive thinking?
It will pull you down and makes you worried and sad.

Think twice.
Rejecting offer is good to yourself and others if you believe that you are not able to commit to the task.
It is fair to you and others too.

It even reflects maturity in your thinking.

Moderate whatever comes along and balance them with existing duties and roles.

Any thing we handle has side effects. There are always advantage and disadvantage in everything.

Be aware of this and less thing will go wrong.

Stay balance and happy ,  :-)



Kat Weaver said...

I've been reading your Blog today...I love it! Thanks for the great insights and encouragement...Kat

Happy Person said...

Thanks Kat for the encouragement.
The posts of mine are the little thoughts of daily events that I would like to share. Nice to know you like them. Thanks.