Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Learn To Decide At The Correct Time

Decision making is a good skill to have.

Everyone makes decisions everyday.

However making good decision (versus bad ones) needs experience.

And choosing the correct time to make decision is a decision itself.

The risk of not making a decision against making one has to be considered.

If nobody makes a decision regarding your future or direction in your job, do you stay passive?

Do you want anyone to decide your future?

Do you have the necessary information to guide you to an accurate direction?
Or let your boss decide for you, assuming that he has a better and clearer picture?

All these questions generate questions. It forces you to think and decide what next to do.

Balance the importance yourself, if you are caught in one.
However, do note the timing too.

A good decision made at an inappropriate time is as good as a bad one.

Do not despair though if you have made a wrong choice. We learn through mistake, and making an unsuitable decision is a learning experience that allow us to grow.

In short, do not forget to pick up this decision-making ability, for if you lack the skill, someone else will decide for you.

Happy deciding.


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