Sunday, December 28, 2008

Look for Long Term Benefits

There are always cases where you have to decide for immediate gain or a short-term sacrifice for long-term benefits.

Buying things on offer is one example.
Do you go for offer stuff that you do not need now but saves a lot (immediate gain)?
Or do you go for stuff that you need but costs more than last time?

Or do you buy package deal at a discount or one item of the package at a higher price?

This a one case of decision making that affects immediate versus long-term gain.

Is it also the same in your learning journey?

You have to, sometimes, balance the chance of having more time with your kids versus the promotion you are eyeing for since last year.

What is your long-term goal?
Is the short-term sacrifices worth the long-term ones?

Building rapport is a long-term goal for anyone. Saving time by refusing to help is an immediate failure in certain situation. It causes a glitch in the relation.

Check if rejection is the only way out. If it is so, explain the reason(s) to avoid mis-understanding.

In many cases, do decide properly what benefits and what does not. Align these to match your goals. Looking for long-term benefits is still a better and safer choice. It will last longer than any immediate gains that you can get.


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