Friday, December 19, 2008

Reacting Versus Responding | Which is desired?

Reacting and responding?

We deal with events that happen out of the norm differently.

Do you react to events more or response to the events more?

When you react to events, you are caught unprepared. You tend to get angry, frustrated and defensive at times.

However, when you response to those events, you are expecting them, though you wish that they would not happen.

Hiccups do occur now and then. To be prepared, you need to anticipate events and plan for action when they occur. This leads you to a better emotional dealing of the abnormal situations.
You response to them.

Reacting, on the other hand, is detrimental in that you are stressed up, being lost in plan to "attack" the unexpected occurrences.

Thus, to avoid going into a tight corner, you have to prepare for contingencies, especially when critical and important events are concerned.

You may train yourself starting with minor daily events, gaining experiences along the way. Move on to bigger events, learning to manage them after having more confidence.

This skill to response to circumstances allows you to be a better person in term of managing not only your personal life and work, but also do good to people around you.



Bruno LoGreco said...

I'm curious if it wouldn't be easier to learn why a person reacts to a given environment instead of learning how to cope within an environment.

Curious on your thoughts.

Happy Person said...

Yes, Bruno. Your comment is interesting.We can, of course, learn to work on why human react in a particular way in an environment. However, knowing that does not necessary solve a long term problem. Example, you may know that being hot-tempered is a no-no in a classroom environment, whether being a student or a teacher. The setting does not permit that. Nobody wins in this instance.
It can be that the person is not in an air-conditioned room.
Learning to cope in that environment, meaning, responding to it by finding out beforehand, the classroom condition will definitely, mentally cool the person down even before he steps in (if he is prepared to face it out). This is my thoughts.

EeHai said...

This post relates very closely to those in the teaching field. They need to be prepared for many happenings that exist during lesson time. Many questions pertaining to subject contents plus numerous ad-hoc requests unrelated to lesson have to be dealt with professionally.
Great that this post reminds us of being prepared for responses rather than reacting which may steer anger.