Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Watch What Comes Out Of The Mouth

This is not about bad breath. It is about verbal message that you send out through your mouth.

What you say reflects what you think at that instance.

If you utter nonsense, it shows that at that point in time, your mind is abnormal.

If you say beautiful words, it reflects your mood to be fine and pleasant, or maybe happy.

Thus, what comes out of your mouth is important.
It tells many thing besides the verbal message.

To gain trust, watch what your mouth says. This indirectly shows who you are, especially if you are talking to a stranger or a person you first meet.

Impression counts, not only through appearance, but also through verbal communication.

If you want to have a consistent respect from others, the words that comes out have to be consistent in meaning and behaviour too.

Therefore, do not let the mouth leaks out what you do not want others to know.

Better still, train yourself to have good thoughts and respect for others intrinsically.
In this way, what goes out through the gap of ours will be words of frank beauties.

The training to speak well and correctly is a form of self-improvement.


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