Friday, December 26, 2008

Having a Cheerful Look Always

I have went to a food place recently for a meal. I noticed that some stalls were hardly being patronised while some are busy serving customers.

What was the striking difference that I observed?

The facial expression of the stall owners.

They were smiling and cheerful in their outlook.

These impressed the people scouting for food to buy.

After all, who will buy food from a groomy and dull person?
He will not be able to digest the food if he got one from the owner!

Through this observation, I believe it can be applied to other matter as well.

When we deal with our surrounding colleagues, we have to have a positive attitude to serve and respond to them happily. This creates a positive feedback and willing co-operation from them as a result.

A cheerful look at all times may be hard to maintain, but the benefits can be apparent.

If there is a choice, why choose the undesirable look and appearance?
Be happy. It's free. It spreads.

You will gain more friends or contacts too.



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kumarmahi said...

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