Friday, November 28, 2008

A Concluding Read-Through Is Beneficial

This post is one good conclusion that I like to share with my readers about short time-frame learning.

I recently completed a short course on a technical subject. The course is a compressed one with extensive hands-on practice complemented with theoretical learning.

The time frame given is short for part-timers point of view.

These factors led me into a piece-by-piece sort of learning; gathering whatever comes to mind , and salvaging information from previous lectures to link up with current sections.

One thing that I always have during the learning phase is the lack of a comprehensive picture to the topics taught. I may understand the current topic, but its scope with relation to applications and other modules are not felt.

This is OK since I managed to pass all the topical tests and practical tests.

Did I master the subject?
At that time I did not think so, even though I cleared all the topical assessments. I lacked the confidence to embark onto a new project if given one. I did not have a complete picture!

But comes the FINAL EXAMINATION that is required to graduate. This is no longer topical, but encompasses all the knowledge picked up in the course.

This forced me to read through all the chapters and practical laboratory worksheets for a period of time at one go, continuously.

It is taxing and tedious!

But what did I discovered at the end?
It is an important learning experience that I will not understand and treasure if I did not do that.

I noticed that I slowly comprehended the topical materials of one chapter with other chapters, forming a bigger knowledge base. I am able to link up the practical works of one topic with another work in another section. All seems to match and form into "happy" and cohesive piece.

The concluding read-through, for the examination, had ensured a comprehensive summary of learning by combining the various topical knowledge captured. The complete run-through was beneficial as such.

A conclusive picture had formed and gave me more confidence of what I am picking up.

However, one thing that I have learned is the necessity to read through all materials again, combining all related points while the mind and memory (of them) are still fresh. This allow the topical lessons to grow into a more meaning bigger lesson.

It is the skill of learning that I like to share here.
It is useful.
More so when you are self-improving.


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