Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watch Your Companion for Betterment

"Monkey see, monkey do."

The above statement applies to your learning environment.

Who you mix with will determine what you do and think. You tend to follow your companion's behaviour due to social concern or peer bonding.

There may also be the case of vocational constraint. This is when you are in certain job where you mingle alot with people who are worse off than you.

Examples: Teacher, factory line leader, construction supervisor.

For self-improvement, you need the company of people better off than you. This allows you to have more opportunities to get fresh ideas and feedback. You will learn more from them since they are at a level higher than you presently are.

This involves identifying the area you wish to improve upon. After that, seek out those people who are recognised in that field for their capability. Mix or relate to them. Learn from them.

So, to have a better future through self-improvement, watch who your companion are. They will lead you or enable you to set a personal goal at a different platform than mixing with people of normal standard.

(However, do not forsake those who are your constant friendly partners or friends. They are still needed for your social networking.)

Message is to mix with a desire group of people who can support you for your betterment. The results of your selected companion are proof of it.


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life said...

Great points here. It is good to know people from all ends of the spectrum. We can learn something from everyone.