Thursday, October 2, 2008

Huge Mistakes, Tiny Mistakes

Mistakes can be big or small.
Some mistakes are more apparent than others.

Regardless of whether they are huge or tiny, apparent or hidden, they are still mistakes.

What is important is the treatment and attitude towards the mistakes. What will happen next depends on our view of the mistakes.

Some small, overlooked mistakes accumulated to produce a BIG and serious disaster.

Therefore, we should treat all mistakes with a serious view, and to access and channel action appropriate to their level.

Mistakes that are categorised as close-shaved, are normally put aside. They are put aside as they are not seen to have cause a problem, just an accidental incident that are deemed not to happen again.

This is dangerous when they are related to something of importance.

If you like to jay-walk and always get away with no accident or minor injuries, do you think you can escape this wrong-doing forever without any mishap?

If you like to take short-cut in accessing something to save cost, do you think no problem can happen if you constantly practice this technique?

All mistakes have implication. It is a matter of time where their accumulated effect occurs.

Thus, learning from mistakes as they come along, regardless of how tiny they may be, will serve you good in the long run. Dig out the truth of why they happen, dig out the reason how they lead to the outcome. Dig, dig and dig till you are satisfied, within constraints, of course.

After that, you can rest assure that you have done your part and can have a good night sleep. No mistake over this.


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