Monday, September 29, 2008

Learning More Through Mistakes Made

Mistakes are things that many people tried to avoid in whatever they do. It is not wrong and having this attitude is good, conditionally.

Mistakes reflect badly on the person making it. People attach failure to them. No positive outcome may be included. Or is it?

Everything in life has two sides of a story. This includes making mistakes.

I have gone through a course recently, and it completes rather smoothly. But this smoothness, somehow or rather, gives me a bit of a nudge.


I found myself learning things that I have expected and able to learn on my own, through other resources (books, internet, etc).

What I have missed out is the chance to pick up adverse limit of the topic in the course. This limit(s) can be exposed if I made some mistakes. Mistakes, therefore, became a value that I unknowingly, wanted but had not gotten.

Frankly asking yourself, do you learn more through mistakes or through a topic that is "easy" on the mind without any upsets in it?

I, personally, retain more information about the mistakes made related to a topics, than the "good" stuffs that I have made. Surprising, right?

Our brain works in the harsh way. The tougher a material to pick up, the longer we can retain it. The longer we can retain the knowledge or information, the better the chancee we are able to link it with new incoming information.

Hence, making mistakes is not a bad thing afterall. However, prudence has to be applied here.
NOT all things can afford mistake. Take the throwing a genade for instance.

Make deliberate mistake for the sake of learning and exploring at a suitable time. Take cautions as you go along and review the results constantly. You will be amazed at the "weird" outcomes that you may have by-passed if you have choosen the conventional route.

Let mistakes be your teacher. Cheers!

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Akira said...

The next mistake I'm gonna make is quitting my job and going for a 6 months long working holiday slaving to survive in a foreign land. Then, start all over again when I return. I'm no where near I wanna be at the moment, hence gotta start over.