Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Laziness and Arrogance Are NO! NO!

This is a simple message,

"Our world does not reward laziness and arrogance."

In fact, it has a way to punish those who aim for them.

Being hardworking is a good virtue of life. You will get rewards ultimately, even though the results may not be immediate. This is a known fact, but always slipping out of the mind of the lazies.

Being arrogance is equally bad. By having this attitude, you are mentally preparing yourself for laziness and avoidance of challenges ahead. Your mind starts to slog.

What happens when you become casual in the thinking?
The answer is very simple. Things will begin to lose control and collapse.

If your watchdog system is in place, you will have hope to recover the disaster, otherwise, good luck!

Thus, it is good that you keep being hardworking in whatever matter you deal with. Stay humble to others and self. You will definitely move in the correct path to a better and successful life.


1 comment:

Lim Ee Hai said...

Being hardworking is still the best virtue. NO venture no gain.
Stay active will be good foe the brain anyway. Good post!