Friday, September 5, 2008

Success Motivates, Failure Awakens

It is very normal that when things are plain easy and smooth going, you tend to move towards complacency. You will reach your comfort zone sooner or later, and get stuck in it. This is a problem.

However, when you avoid this comfort zone totally, you will get demoralised finally as things do not "hit" targets. Too many bad things or unsatisfactory matters will actually move you away from your desire to reach the goals set initially.

Therefore, to keep on moving motivated, you need the important element of timely successes.

This so-called timely successes, will be the pushes for us to stay on track and not deviate out of the path set forth. Success, thus, motivates. And is needed at regular interval.

With this knowledge that success does motivates, you will then notice that when working in a team, you should always motivate your team members. This timely encouragement will go a long way towards achieving rapport and support for each other. Success will then follow suit. This will then motivates you and your team-mates to strive further.

But while success is good, failure is equally so. This is in the positive sense that failure awakens you to complacency. Failure, taken in the correct perspective, will actually tell you that when things are not managed properly, "something" undesirable will happen.

Failure, is thus, a useful wake-up call or a watchdog for you to stay on track.

Another benefit of failure is that it allows you to further dig into the matter for detail understanding. On the whole, therefore, having mistakes help in improving your knowledge.

What is needed here is correct and proper attitude towards success and failure. It calls for maturity in your thinking, and the desire to improve and better yourself.



amit said...

hi amit here, i readyour post and it forced me to sya about myself.
ithink and believe that failure always tells truth about anthing. if we loose in race due to corruption then it is truth about the society.
where success may shhow truth or lie. said...

Nice article. I definately enjoyed reading it.

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Happy Person said...

The truth is always hard to accept at times, especially when it reflects something negative. However, it very much depends on one's strength to stay sane and clean with positive objectives.
Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for your kind comments. I am happy that you enjoy reading my posts. Have a nice day ahead. Cheers! said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog.

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I really appreciate your support. Thank you!