Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't Be A Blamer!

How do you react when there is a fault?
Do you get angry and push the blame to others?

It seems to be human nature to push the responsibilities to others and stay clean from any problems?

Self-improvement does not go with this.

Having faults and accepting them is one way to improve one's maturity to seeing issue at a higher level.

Can problem be solve by blaming?
Yes, the blamer will be rid of the problem, but it is still there, and with another person!

If you put a sweet on the table and it is "hijacked" by ants, do you blame yourself or the ants?
If your writing paper got blown off the table, do you blame the wind?

Take fault as a learning process and work to resolve it than wasting time on blaming.
If it is truly your fault, accept it. You will feel really good, internally.

Passing the issue to others is a short term way to handling problems. Looking at it and analysing the problem head-on, serves a long-term mission to character building. It is self-improvement.


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