Friday, August 8, 2008

Being Me

We interact with many people daily.
We are influenced mentally somewhat with these numerous interactions carried out.

Do we change with these influences?
Inevitable, but to what extent, is the main issue.

Sometimes, we do wish to be like the best person we met on that particular day.
Sometimes, we do wish to be as pretty as that lady we met on the street.
Sometimes, we like to emulate the person we deem successful.

These wishes are not wrong. For a start, if I have to be clear.

Yes, we do want to be as pretty and successful as anyone of that category.

But are we then running our own life? Or living anther life?
Have we lost ourselves if we "pretend" to be like them?

For a start, in fact, it can be better if we can find a role model to follow and learn from. It will enable us to jump start the learning process and shorten the improvement phase as a result.

But after having achieve that, do we have to stick on with the emulated style?

Being me means living our own life. To be able to customised our desires and goals from the reference set by others.This reference is the role model that we have initially selected to follow and learned.

We can modify the approach to solving problems to suit our character and style. We can improved on the learned technique and re-define the scope from the initial reference.

However, being me is also being comfortable with our inner self. Not being able to catch up with the rest does not means we are not good. It means we DO NOT WANT to catch up in that direction.

Comparing ourselves with the "better" ones is good if we are only taking reference.
We are not going to be them.
We need to be ourselves.
This is the important message.

Self-improvement does not mean being better than others.
It means being better than our past self.

This way, we remain ourselves, and an improved self.


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