Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being Useful

What is the purpose of learning so much?

Wouldn't it be better if we can just relax and enjoy the day as it flows by?

Wouldn't life be simpler if we can choose to do what we like and ignore those that we are not able to handle?

Why keep up with the latest?

Why self-improve?

Self-improvement comes about to serve a meaningful objective.
This objective is to make our stay on this very Earth purposeful, before we call our end for the last time.

Being useful is the key word.

Why come to this world to do nothing meaningful?

Having the attitude to learn and pick up new skill and knowledge continuously, is a good virtue and habit that anyone should inculcate in themselves.

There are many things in this world that we can discover that suit our behaviour and aptitude. Explore them and choose whichever we like. Make ourselves useful!

On learning and mastering the new skill, we can contribute. We can contribute in any which way that improves life. This makes us feel wonderful; wonderful for a deserving life.

Thus self-improvement is not for fun.

It is to push us to a better future for our self and our next generation.

Work hard and work smart too! Hurray for us, the self-improver.



2good4me said...

hi, like you i am making a conscious effort in self-improving. Many little discoveries i have made in as little as just 2 days of starting my blog.

Let's share this joy with the world.

I'm at

Marcia Robinson said...

You said, "Thus self-improvement is not for fun. It is to push us to a better future for our self and our next generation."

How true that is.

I share with clients all the time that the last thing we want to do is become competency complacent and think we know enough.

Please visit my career reentry blog and share with your readers sometime.

Marcie @ BullsEye

risingthinker said...

i Like your question "Why come to this world to do nothing meaningful?"

It get me thinking and i`m sure others will too..

Anyway I`ve a post on sharing what we learn..It`s on
Do drop by..thanks