Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fear of Failures | Overcoming it

What is more demeaning than facing failure?

Do you like to be branded a successful person?

Have you experience failure?

We do not like failure, to be honest. But how to overcome it?

Let's look at why we fail.

Failing means not achieving what we set out for. Why did we not achieve it?

It is because we are not prepared! We did not find enough information to set out on the journey to achieve what we want. We did not plan according towards the goal(s). This may be time or hard resources.

Therefore to overcome this, we must be truly sincere to WANT to achieve it.

We failed due to lack of practice. From this lack of practice, we are not able to carry out the task properly.

Thus, the first step is to have more practices. With more practices, we can do the tasks better.

Being able to do the task better, we feel better. And feeling better doing the task, we replaces the fear with enjoyment. When we enjoy doing the task, we will stick on doing the task.

Therefore, overcoming the fear of failure by practicing more, we are able to change our destiny to a better one. When we enjoy doing the desired task, we tend to make less, if no, mistake.

It is a simple process of starting on the correct foot by consistent practicing to gain experience or exposure and doing a a good job. Nothing difficult.

Do not fear failure, overcome it! Good future lies ahead of those who practice hard and smart.



Akira said...

Having fail so many times, I begin to feel awkward when I don't. *LoL*

I was really disappointed when I failed to secure myself with a scholarship. However, eventually when I look at it positively, it's good as I did not feel any pressure whatsoever to get a first class result or even being bonded.

When I do not get a high paying job, I have good reasons to quit without hesitation and do some travelling(backpacking style)for myself.

Happy Person said...

It takes some form of courage to face failure. However, it is what you do after that failure that counts. Have you learned the lesson and become a better person more wary from the experience?

Daniel McBill said...

Here is my favorite instant technique to overcome your fear:
1. Think of a situation that you are afraid of. You have to be very specific about it. Like "I’m afraid to ask my boss for a raise."
2. Imagine the worst outcome possible. I mean the very worst outcome. ("Ex: You would be fired because you dared to ask for a raise and you could never get a job again.") What are the real chances for that outcome? Almost zero I guess.
3. Imagine a possible failure. A real one. What could you learn from it? Would your life change dramatically if you would fail? What would be the experience for you?
4. Ask yourself the following question: Which is more painful? The FEAR to act or having every day the same FRUSTRATION if you don’t act.
5. Imagine the best outcome. See yourself coming out successful from the situation. Close your eyes and imagine how would you look like, how would your environment look like and how would you feel inside.
6. Burn the bridge behind you and TAKE ACTION! You have to do something, which makes it impossible for you to turn back. You have to face your fear. ("Ex: Tell your boss that you want a private meeting with him.")

Happy Person said...

Nice patching up, Daniel.

Taking action is still the best way to resolve any fear in us.

Thanks for commenting.