Thursday, July 17, 2008

Developing Oneself Through Others

Self-improvement is the developing of oneself through self. It is self-initiated for a goal that satisfies one's development plan.

The process of developing oneself through self may take a longer time and at a slower pace. He need to analyse and digest the new knowledge alone. Resources are limited, whether it is time or physical materials. This method of self-improvement or development, however, give oneself the added self-confidence when one overcomes obstacles facing him along the way.

How about developing oneself through others?
Will the learners really learn, given the help from others?
Will the information digesting and analysing process be diluted when others are involved?

It is a known fact that discussion and co-operation may shorten the learning in term of time and resources. But how well understood is the knowledge picked up?

Take for example the case of doing a technical project.
If the solution came from a supplier of a hardware purchased for the project, will the person supposedly doing the project, learn when he is presented the solution?

Yes, he may know the solution to the current problem encountered, but can he solve future problems?

These few questions mentioned above, hopefully, do trigger some thoughts to proper learning.
Choose the correct path to acquire knowledge.

Learning a new skill and picking up new knowledge is a wonderful thing to have. Do treasure the process and journey to improve oneself. Ultimately, it is oneself who is the true beneficial to the effort put in.

Being happy is true to oneself and true to one's learning.

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LimEe Hai said...

Nicely said. Yes, we have to depend on ourself for true learning. Depending on others may helps in term of time, but finally we are the sole owner of our own learning. Nice wake-up message.