Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy From A Correct Cause

Being happy is a wish everyone hopes for.

But what is real happiness?

We can achieve happiness through many ways.

We can help others.
We can donate to a good cause.
We may strike first prize in a lottery.
We may receive good comments about our blog postings.

The numbers of ways to get happy is endless.

But being happy ourselves, does it necessary mean happiness to others, especially those close-by or related to the happy event?

It may not be so!

Sometimes, happiness is obtained through cutting down others. Making other looks bad can make us feel a level higher. This feeling is good and leads to happiness within.

But is it real happiness?

True happiness has to come from a correct cause.

The cause has to be such that as many people as possible agree and share the happy moment together sincerely from the bottom of their hearts. This is a better way to real happiness.

It is the way to ensure that the community of friends stay intact with full trust of each others.

What if we like to share our happiness upon striking the top prize in a lottery?

Case by case. This differs from people to people.

I, personally, do not favour this type of happiness.

It is good to share a token of the award. But is it from a good cause.

If the money is hard-earned and given as a reward, my full support goes to it.

But if the money was gotten through wishful and "easy" means, I rather the person keep the earnings in the bank and stay happy himself. There is nothing to share as far as effort is concerned. It is luck, if you can pardon me.

True happiness to be shared are those that has improvement to a person's life or those related.

It is intrinsic and pure, with good intention from a good cause.

It can be small to others, but is big in the heart of the source.

Therefore, do not be blinded by immediate happiness. Understand the situation that leads to this happiness and where will it then leads to. If the forward path is improvement, happiness is there to stay and treasured.

Otherwise, this happiness will not be long-lasting and will soon be replaced.


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Akira said...

Happiness to me is when I like what I do knowing that I'm also aligned with the rest (which normally don't) and thus would be happier when other's see things the way I see it.