Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Not About Winning

People do like to win and hate to lose. This is human nature.

Through winning, we feel GREAT and wonderful.
Through winning, we find the confidence to move on.

There are many stories about winning.
Court cases, sports, examinations, lotteries are examples we are familiar with.

But do we REALLY need to win?
Is it a must so that others will take notice of us?
Is it an important ingredient for self-improvement?

The true fact is that winning is just an indication of success on the surface.

Winning has an underlying purpose.
The purpose of exceeding expectations, whether self-imposed or otherwise.

Sometimes, being the last person in a race has better exposure than the first competitor.
If the last person has given what it takes, no matter what happens along the way, if he completes the race, he has fulfilled the mission, and that is the true spirit of any event.

It is not the positioning that counts. It is the effort and the strength to complete the race that counts. It is the relative jump in exceeding the norm that matters ( and that causes surprises).

It is how you win. It is how you exceeded expectations.
You can be the winner even in the last position.

Think about it.



Jeff Baker said...

you have great insight and I agree with you that winnning is a bit of an art form in that, there is a better way to experience it. Thanks. Peace -- jb

amit said...

i lost in a race at my school tha was of 800 meters, but that brought me to practice more towards the life's goal. i like your post cause i have samwe intrest as yours.

Anonymous said...

Self improvement isn't only about winning. Sometimes just stepping up to the start line is an accomplishment and finishing can bring even greater rewards (even if you came in last).


Happy Person said...

Well said, Heather.
It is very true that just reaching the finishing line is an accomplishment. In life, this also applies. Finishing a task or assignment given till the end is a good virtue anyone should follow.
Thanks for the comments, Jeff, amit, Heather.