Sunday, August 10, 2008

Travel The Unventured Path

In this world, there are many people lost about what to do. They follow others. They see and scout out the successful to emulate.

They model after them to hopefully gain the same results. They "act" like them. They do what their targets do. They try to think the way they think. The hope is that, at least, the result is apparent and achievable, if they follow the method.

It is NOT wrong to do that.
It is fine and good for starters.
Everything is new and has value to these learners.

But to be really successful and unique in living in this world, you have to bear one thing in mind.
This one thing will have an everlasting impression on your experience.

What is this thing or message?

I would like to share it here.

"To be successful, do not follow the path set by others, the proven path once travelled by others.
Go travel the path that has yet to be ventured upon. Leave trail for others. Set the lead."

Creating the path for others means going into the unknown. A path of discoveries and mysteries proves to be real experience where you have to solve problem that may not have the solution.

You have to find the solutions! You have to break the unknown to form the known. Exciting isn't it!

Get out from the comfort zone and self-improve yourself. Travel the unventured path or journey and you will sure learn more than anyone in that selected area or field.

Any exposure will lead to learning and, definitely, new experience. This is so because everything within this unknown path will be new to you.

Thus, in conclusion, to travel a path that has yet to be set upon is a valuable learning journey that will create a better you. The bonus through the hard work is that you will leave trails for others to follow and you to be remember upon by others. How great that will be!

Cheers for learning.


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