Sunday, January 27, 2008

Focus To Create True Understanding

We are bombarded with many information and messages daily. What is presented to us may not be relevant. We need to know what is required and important. With this vast amount of information, we have to decide what to keep and what to discard. If we are not able to do so, we will lost focus and confusion sets in.

Focus is the in-thing this day. Without focus, we will be plain follower, doing things that come randomly. There will not be any depth in the things we do and learn. We will be chasing for the completion of tasks and wishes that things just get done in the shortest possible time. Short-cutting is the common solution and longing for the quality is absent.

This is a cause for concern when self-improvement is the issue.

What do we gain when we choose to have shortened time to do assignments or learning?

When we do not focus or even choose to reduce learning duration, we lost the important element in learning, which is, the time needed to truefully digest the required information to turn them into knowledge.

Without real understanding, no true knowledge is absorbed. Without focus, we will not have the desire to go in-depth in search for details. Everything becomes superficial. We cannot expand on this loosely acquired knowledge as weak linkages exist between various related topics.

Therefore the key process of learning (and doing anything) is to focus. Only through focusing, do we do justice to the work done and quality work can be achieved. True undertanding with ability to apply and value-add can happen then. So avoid mental deviation by removing whatever that hinders focusing. Stay focus whenever you can and positive results will be possible.

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