Friday, January 25, 2008

We Have Choices

Choices. What are choices? Choices means options for us. They are alternatives to a desire or item. In life, we encounter many choices. Be it careers, studies, people, hobbies, books, websites, etc.

How then do we choose?

We have to know what we want and what drives us.

In self-improvement, we look for the value adding factors in our selection of alternatives. What is the driving elements that will hold us? These driving elements can be flexible timing, low-cost with quality content, dedicated mentor, or equivalent.

Before we can select, we need to understand ourself and our desire for the targetted outcome. We need to know how to differentiate between "good" and "bad" criteria and how they match our desire.

Selection is an important skill that anyone need to have. It determines whether the outcome can be successful or otherwise.

But remember, we have choices. If in the event that we made a wrong selection, we CAN change and select another. Though this is easier said (or written) than done, we Do have CHOICES.

Making changes will of course cause disruption to the flow and maybe, others working with us, but, if it is for the good, consider it. We need to keep on changing to upgrade or update ourself.

In summary, we need to know ourself first before we can select a better choice. This can only be done ourself, with advices from others, if available. The final decision lies with us. Do not fear making mistake, just be aware that we can change (with consideration to others) if wrong ones are choosen.

Having choices and selecting them are part of self-improvement.

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