Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Select Your Beliefs

We have many beliefs. They decides where we go. Beliefs are good as they provides us with the momentum to progress in our desire direction. With the direction set, we will sooner or later arrive at our goals.

However, there are times where we seem to be lost. What seem to hold us back?

It is our beliefs again. Some beliefs of ours are actually performing against our benefit. It deters or inhibit us from progress in the correct sense. It put negative effect into our behaviour. It stops us from good progress.

How to rectify this situation?

The following tips may be useful:

  • Keep an awareness of our progress direction periodically.
  • Question our own comfort level in dealing with certain matters.
  • Identify the beliefs within us and classify them.
  • Check to see if the beliefs are positive or negative through the direction or progress we have.
After going through the review of our beliefs, we should be aware of which beliefs are holding us back in certain area of improvement. Some are bad and some are good.

Leave the bad beliefs and strengthen the good ones. This will hopefully guide us in the proper direction towards our goals. It may be an iterative progress and continuous monitoring is necessary.

Do ourself justice ! If the beliefs are deterimental to our improvement or positive progress, why should we be keeping them? Discard them. Replace them with good ones.


Julia Borsos said...

There is a typo in the first sentence. They "decide" where we go.

Beliefs go hand in hand with hope - it's what we need in order to progress. Nice post!

Happy Person said...

Hi Julia,
Thanks for the feedback on my typo error. Mistakes do happen at times. (This sounds like an excuse.)

Lesson: To have a better impression of the blog, I need to monitor the spelling before publishing.

Actually I do know about this, but still mistakes happen. Sigh....

Maybe human is still human.
To err is human.

Thanks again Julia for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a nice day!