Saturday, October 8, 2011

Living in Relativity

Life is a complex blend of happiness and sadness. At one time, we are happy and the next, we may be sad.

However, to reflect clearly, it all comes from our relative comparisons and expectations.
We think that we are unfortunate in some instance. But is it really true?
By comparing to a “better” person, we are unfortunate. But if we set our reference to one that is worst, are we fortunate?
Thus, our mind calls the shot. We select how we feel
If we are physically ill, do we give up and let nature takes it course?

Cancer, stroke or heart problems are common nowadays.
How do we deal with it? Brighten up or dim off?
Help is always at hand and provided we are keen to know the issue.

Self-improvement is a continuous process regardless of mental or physical state.

I am lucky to know of a person, Jackie Clark, who has enlightened me on the issue of cancer.
It sort of waked me up to the relative state we are constantly in.

Here I present to you her sharing on how a cancer diagnosis changes a person's life.

How a Cancer Diagnosis Changes a Person's Life
By: Jackie Clark
Cancer is a disease that people do not truly understand unless it happens to them. Every year, there are millions of people who hear the scary words "you have cancer." Prostate, breast, colon and cervix are some of the most common forms of cancer being diagnosed today. Mesothelioma is one of the least common forms of cancer, but the number of people being diagnosed with has increased drastically in the past few years. The mesothelioma life expectancy is only about eighteen months, but the prognosis depends greatly on the patient.

People who have cancer are afraid because they do not know what their future holds. They do not know whether they will be able to do the things they once enjoyed. Cancer patients do not even know if they will wake up the next morning. Loved ones of a cancer patient are also affected. Sadly, cancer does not just affect the patient but others around them as well. Losing a friend, spouse, mother, father or child is a pain that cannot be described. Those who are close to someone who has cancer worry constantly about their loved one.

People who have cancer have to endure months and perhaps years of painful treatments. Cancer also causes hair and weight loss, which can make a person feel self-conscious. Many cancer patients also feel guilty because they feel as though they are being a burden to their family and friends.

There is no way that the pain of a cancer diagnosis can be taken away. However, one of the things that cancer patients can do that can potentially be beneficial is seeing a life coach. Life coaches are trained professionals who help people deal with the challenges of life. Life coaches can help cancer patients overcome depression. They can also help the patients develop a more positive self-image. The family members of cancer patients can also potentially benefit from life coaching. The benefits of a life coach seem never ending. The guidance and insight these professionals provide truly help cancer patients and their family members heal both physically and mentally.

People who have heard the devastating words "you have cancer" know that their lives will never be the same. Cancer patients, face a world of uncertainty, but fortunately they do not have to go down that road alone. Family members, friends and life coaches are available to help people go through that terrifying ordeal.

:-) Count your blessings.


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