Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doing Meaningful Things

In a mad rush to complete things, we are sometimes, if not every time, caught doing tasks that we do not understand why they exist in the first place.

This occurs frequently and is picking up fast these days. Be mindful.

Example: Too many leaders or bosses giving differing directions.
It makes one wonder whether do the leaders themselves know what they want.

I believe you have come across this type of scenario before.

It makes you wonder what is wrong and a burning desire to stop moving in this direction.

What to do and how to react?

The first and foremost step, I suppose, is to be clear in one's mind.
Are you doing things for a reason, or blindly doing it since everyone else is doing it too.

Give meaning to the tasks. If you cannot find one, then why are you doing it?

Seek out the reason or understand the needs to do it.

However, in the working life, sometimes we are caught in between.
To secure the current job and completing a task that may not lead to your own personal goals but only to serve others' goals. (Sound familiar?)

In this situation, since we are living in a community, the better approach is to complete it as fast as you can, but of course within acceptable quality and standard, as agreed.
This will rid you of hanging onto tasks that carry "no" meaning (to you).

If possible, try to negotiate or convince the other party to align or attach true reasons for doing the work.

In short, do not waste time doing things that do not serve you in the long run. Be prudence.
Do meaningful things.

Stay truly alive.  :-)

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