Sunday, October 30, 2011

Benefits of Pain for Self-improvement

Getting and welcoming pain?

This is a horrible question to ask!

Who likes to have pain?
It is uncomfortable.
It makes one uneasy.
Nobody likes pain.

We know that.

However, do you also know that we will react upon getting pain?

We will tend to find all sort of solutions or excuses to avoid getting pain.

It keeps you on your toe.
It helps you fight your way out of feeling terrible.

You see the benefit of pain now?
Yes, pain does helps, in the proper sense, of course.

No pain no gain. Remember?

Sometimes it is pain that drives us strongly towards being a better person and a better life.

To break out of poverty, to break out of stagnation, we will force ourselves to work hard and to discover new ways of doing things, new technology, new friends, new knowledge, etc.

The catch is to find that pain to improve yourself.

I have come across many people who stay happy go lucky in life. Good for them.

However, do you want this type of life?
It is your choice.

For me, I feel bored after some time. I feel rotten. I feel that I should be more than present.

Where then is the pain?
There are few ways.
My humble suggestions as follows:-
  • You may compare with your peer. See where they are now, and where are you compared with them. By salary, by status, by achievement, by number of kids, you name it....
  • You may check out (online) what is the latest know-how in your area of expertise. How do you fair compared with them? Do you feel embarrassed after the comparison?
  • Think of your past achievements and check your present status. Have you grown better? Or have your stayed as-it-is since the past 5 years?
All these suggestions are NOT to cut you down for low self-esteem.
They are to throw some light to you.
They are to wake you up.

Don't dwell in fantasy. Seek the pain, the good pain that cures your inertia, physical or mental.

Improve yourself means improving your surroundings too.
This surroundings are your family members, your friends, your company, your community, and your country. The list will go on.
The impact is great.

I seem to be talking BIG. But give a moment to reflect on this post. Give me your feedback in the comment section, if you have. I welcome them.

But remember, the wise man's "No pain No gain" still exist.

:-)     or rather  :-(



steve said...

I believe in that saying "no pain no gain". Another is I believe that in order to improve self effectively you will going to need self discipline. There are also different ways and strategies that can help you improve self. Managing your time can also help you improve yourself. When working on task set an amount of time to do each task so that you won’t waste time. With self discipline and time management it is a great way to improve self.

rick hock said...

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