Thursday, March 31, 2011

Viewing Failure as Feedback

Have you really looked at how people walk to their destination?

Or how a boat reaches its final point?

Along the way, aiming for that particular end point, we encounter many "disturbances" that cause us to deviate from the main flow.

While walking, you will notice, if you pay attention, that we continuously skew away from the straight line to the destination.

BUT we managed to steer back and continue walking to our final target.

Some people call these deviations "Failures".

Some call them "Feedbacks".

What is the differences?

Definitely the latter perception is a positive one.
It generates interest in moving forward, taking the message as input for correction.

When you view the deviation (input) as failure, you hammered yourself down into the ground.
You will not enjoy the journey, whether walking or rowing the boat.

Staying positive amidst all the disturbances keep you enthusiastic about finding more.
It keeps you informed. It helps you reach your goals.

It is a matter of viewing the message.
It is possible to change your mindset and perception of things.

Therefore it will be good if you start looking at things on the bright side, viewing feedbacks without "failures" starting today.

Do you agree with me this is a better choice?

Happy feedbacks.  Cheers!


1 comment:

Ryan Chua said...

Feedback only becomes failures if you don't trust yourself and your abilities. Remember that we are not perfect, meaning we always have errors. But these errors never means that you intentionally did them.

A feedback is a reminder that you still have a room for improvement.