Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knowledge And Application

Have you ever wondered why you remain the same after attending many upgrading courses or reading tons of materials?

You find that the action taken by you, for the sake of improvement, did not reap the desired or expected results.


You have understood the materials read or learned. And even been awarded a certification for the course attended.

You are suppose to be the expert now.
You are better informed and knowledgeable.

But why the poor performance?

One answer may lies in that you are keeping the information or knowledge picked up.
You are not using it.
You are just storing the newly acquired knowledge in your brain literally.

To be a better person, a renewed person, you have to use the information.
You have to apply the knowledge gained somewhere.

That "somewhere" has to be an area whereby you can demonstrate and monitor the results after application of the knowledge.

Keeping everything will just be that. Status quo, no change or minimum change.

You need to make use of the information, review its application and do modification or customise the usage to add value to the knowledge.

You need to process the materials acquired. You need to "test" the information through some applications.

  • Do a project after picking up some programming language.
  • Perform a dance after learning some new steps.
  • Teach and be challenged by students / colleagues after discovering some new techniques.

Taking action and using the knowledge or skill improves productive and allows you to be efficient.

Keep trying and use information. Do not stop at "just knowing".

Learn ==> Use ==> Re-learn ==> Use

Through this concept of applying new knowledge, your desire to self-improve will definitely reap results.

The results may not be what you expected, but it will still be an answer to an action taken by you. And this is valuable feedback for further actions.

That is what self-improvement is all about.  Don't you agree?

Cheers to a better you!



Andrew said...

The first thing is to acqire knowlege and the second one is application. Then you will automatically succeed in your achievements.

Anonymous said...

she really helped me ...

Daryl George Enriquez said...

I remember my mom telling me before that I have to apply everything that I have learned in order to understand everything that I know - I think this also goes the same with this thing about knowledge and application.

A person should never forget putting the acquired learnings into action because if one does not do it, such knowledge would just be wasted and you will be back again with square one. That would be a shame now, would it?

Great post by the way! It's really eye-opening! :)

nothingprofound said...

Nice to see something from you again after such a long time. One must act on what one knows, otherwise no change is possible.

Jo said...

Thanks for the information, its useful to know that we should actually re-learn courses and stuff

Thanks Jo