Friday, January 22, 2010

A Tip For Staying Happy

Have you wondered what makes you unhappy or frustrated?

If you have not, do access the situation whereby your anger starts growing or your behaviour starts going chaotic.

One such instant may be due to time shortage.

To avoid this problem, make room for emergency situation.

This emergency situation may be, like, last minute assignment, falling sick, uninvited visitors, etc.

Thus to prevent getting out of your sense, create enough time freedom in your normal schedule so that you have breathing space.

It is a simple method that requires a bit of time planning.
This technique will have good benefits and will serve you happily if you keep that in mind.

Don't get pressed into a corner. This is the break-point where you get unhappy and frustrated.

Cheers! and Happy Time Planning.


1 comment:

Leisa Watkins said...

I have noticed that lately about myself. Those times when a little unhappiness creeps into my life is probably 90% of the time due to feeling overloaded and overburdened.

I decided I need to start putting up sticky notes by the phone etc. that remind me to say No more often to projects and to honor my time more.